ASSIST NI is a Northern Ireland wide advocacy service passionate about supporting victims of domestic and sexual abuse crime who primarily are engaging with the criminal justice system. We provide guidance, support and information, work with other service providers and advocate on victim’s behalf, tailoring our service to their needs.

The ASSIST NI advocacy service is available to qualifying victims of domestic and sexual abuse crime. That is those whose details have been shared by the police after reporting a crime as well as those referred by The Rowan (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) or from a Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference meeting.

ASSIST is an acronym which represents the work that we do. Click the buttons below to find out more.

Watch our video below to find out more about how our service practically supports victims.


Every member of the team at ASSIST NI is passionate about giving victims engaging with our service the chance to have their voice heard. We create a dialogue with those victims, helping them navigate their journey with us as well as through the criminal justice process. We are here to advocate for victims using our service in their time of need.


Support is at the heart of ASSIST NI. Our advocates are dedicated to providing support to victims of domestic and sexual abuse engaging with our service. Our support starts as soon as a person is accepted into the ASSIST NI service and takes into account their individual needs. This support may also include referral on to a suitable support service for that person.


At ASSIST NI, we know that safety is paramount for victims. We use our expertise in the field to risk assess and safety plan for those engaging in our service. Our goal is to reduce the risk of harm to these victims, all the while providing the genuine care and support we know each person needs.


At ASSIST NI, we believe in involving victims in their process by helping them better understand what services are available, what the criminal justice process will entail and engaging with others in order that those using our services are most effectively supported and engaged in any journey through the criminal justice system.

Services Together

At ASSIST NI, we pride ourselves on providing a service for victims by working together with other support services within the community. We believe that care and support should be available for those availing of our service, and pride ourselves on facilitating this to the best of our ability.

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