ASSIST NI complaints policy & procedure

This policy outlines the ASSIST NI’s commitment to dealing positively with comments and complaints made by individuals, including victims being supported by the service and other stakeholders.

ASSIST NI has a duty to operate in accordance with legal requirements and is committed to investigating all complaints fully in a fair, open and equitable manner.


ASSIST NI will accept complaints verbally, in person or by telephone; in writing or in any other reasonable format which meets the needs of complainants. We will also accept complaints submitted by Lead Advocates and Advocates on behalf of an individual but only with the individual’s express permission and consent.

Individuals will not be treated negatively for making a complaint.

Individuals who complain have the right to expect confidentiality in the handling of their complaints except in those circumstances identified in the Safeguarding Policies.

Complaints from individuals using the Advocacy Service

Stage One

Staff dealing with complaints are usually able to informally resolve a wide range of issues to the satisfaction of the complainant.

If you have a complaint, you should in the first instance raise this with your Advocate.

Your Advocate will follow the process outlined in the flow chart below.

All complaints will be recorded on a complaints log.

Stage Two (Appeal)

If the complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the complaint can be referred to the Project Manager in writing. The Project Manager’s decision is final.


Complaints from someone outside the Advocacy Service

If you are a member of the public not engaged with the ASSIST NI service, an external agency or a stakeholder raising a complaint, please submit your complaint in writing to the Project Manager at the address below. This will be processed within 20 working days and the Project Manager will contact you with the outcome.

ASSIST NI Project Manager

30 Adelaide Park


Co. Antrim


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